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Add more personality to your empire in Rights of Man

Europa Universalis IV Embraces the Rights of Man
Paradox Interactive presents the newest expansion to Europa Universalis IV, the landmark
historical grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. Rights of Man adds greater
depth and detail to a host of game systems. New decisions, greater customization and added
personality are all coming to the best-selling game about exploration, trade and conquest.
Features include:
  • Personalities and traits for monarchs and military leaders will add bonuses to your nation or assist you in battle
  • Great Powers now have special diplomatic abilities. Don’t let your development lag while you expand, so you can make use of new threats and overtures to neighbors.
  • Cultural acceptance is now under your control. Adopt and embrace foreign cultures instead of converting them all to your own.
  • Queens can be generated by royal marriages, and serve as regents if an underage heir ascends to the throne
  • Subject nations can be given more specific instructions on how to behave at war
  • Fetishist nations can choose from a number of cults, and uncover new options as they
  • wage war and make alliances
  • Coptic nations will be tasked with preserving their faith through the control of holy sites throughout the near east
  • Other Features, including a new faction system for Revolutionary Republics, a unique new government form for the Ottoman Empire, the ability to abdicate, allowing building in subject states, and debasing currency for quick cash.