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Claim the Dragon Throne in Mandate Heaven

Europa Universalis IV Looks East in New Expansion
Europa Universalis IV Looks East in New Expansion
Go for the Golden Era in Mandate of Heaven
With one eye on the rising sun and another eye on a glorious future, Europa Universalis IV:
Mandate of Heaven is the new expansion to Paradox Development Studio’s flagship franchise
about exploration, religious turmoil, economic dominance and conquest. Taking its name from the
Chinese belief that their empire was divinely ordained, Mandate of Heaven will bless your
ambitions for years to come.
At the center of Mandate of Heaven, players will find the new Historical Ages system and the
associated Golden Eras. The four centuries of play are divided into four Historical Ages, each with
seven objectives and seven special abilities that can be unlocked. If you accomplish three
objectives in an Age, you may choose to initiate a Golden Era, giving your empire 50 years of
prosperity and military prowess. But choose your time wisely! You only get one Golden Era per
Mandate of Heaven’s other features include:
• Empire of China: The Chinese Emperor has great powers at his disposal, and the efficient bureaucrats keep things running smoothly. But greedy neighbors may seek to take the Mandate of Heaven for themselves.
• Ashikaga Shogunate: The Japanese Shogunate has been reworked for more interaction and political considerations among the daimyo. As Shogun, carefully balance the pride of your subjects or compel them to choose and honorable death.
• Confucian Harmony: Keep order in your eastern realm or risk short term spiritual disruption in exchange for long term religious harmony.
• Shinto Isolation: Will your Japanese kingdom seek benefits in an open society or promote greater unity through closed doors? Major incidents will challenge your aspirations.
• Tributaries: Eastern empires can persuade weaker neighbors to pay an annual tribute in gold, manpower or monarch points in this new subject nation format.
• Diplomatic Macro Builder: New addition to the left-hand side macrobuilder automates many repeated diplomatic tasks.
• And more including Chinese meritocracy and Manchu Banner troops