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Mare Nostrum Arrives in Port Soon

New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Pulls Into Port
Anchors Aweigh! New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Sets Sail
The grandest of grand strategy games will soon get even larger with Mare Nostrum, a new expansion for Europa Universalis IV. Ever since its 2013 release, Paradox Development Studio has labored to fill in the romantic and turbulent history of the early modern world. Now, with Mare Nostrum, we turn our eyes to the seas.
Among the many changes coming in Mare Nostrum is the idea of "sailors". Similar to the manpower statistic you are already familiar with, sailors will be required if you want to build or repair your ships. Your navy can also be sent out on missions with instructions on when to return home, reducing your need to babysit your fleets that are far from home.
Add in the coming changes to mercenaries, the map, espionage and trade leagues and we think Mare Nostrum's release will be something to celebrate.
Other features of Mare Nostrum will include:

  • Condottieri: Rent out your soldiers as mercenaries to give an underdog a fighting chance while filling your treasury
  • Trade Leagues: For merchant republics, the power of the purse is amplified by creating economic and military alliances
  • Share Maps: Instead of waiting for the world to come to you, ask your friends if they have discoveries they are willing to share.
  • PLUS changes to diplomacy, subject nation management and much more, including the usual major patch that will be a FREE upgrade to all EU4 owners.

Mare Nostrum will be available soon from major digital retailers and the Paradox store.