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Press Previews

Not here to make friends - Europa Universalis IV with 20 people/PCGamesN

4 years 10 months ago
"There is a lesson here. About the power of creation over destruction, about seeing the big picture, about holding yourself to your own standards and not measuring yourself against others. The rest of us clawed in the dirt to win a few patches of land while Joe won a continent. It makes me think. Someone should have killed him.”

The End Of Days: Europa Universalis IV Diary Part One at Rock,Paper,Shotgun

4 years 10 months ago
Some journalists just want to watch the world burn. “A few weeks ago, Paradox invited a group of journalists to Stockholm in order to see how much violence we could do to one another in a massive two-day multiplayer session of Europa Universalis IV. I packed my bags, steeled my nerves and prepared to present Rock, Paper, Shotgun the only way I know how – with fruitless acts of violence and a burning desire to reduce France to ashes. Inevitably, it transpired that I would be playing as France but I wasn’t going to let that petty detail shake my resolve. Europe was about to meet its maker.”

Europa Universalis IV: Rule, Britannia! - Building the British Empire in two days at Destructoid

4 years 10 months ago
"I had been given control over England, as lead developer Johan Andersson thought it would be hilarious to force a Scot to play as his hated enemies. Thus, I had one goal in mind when the game began: I would unite the British Isles and create Great Britain. But that was a dream that would take a long time to make a reality -- as England needed to conquer much of the Isles and have a high level of administrative power to pull such a thing off -- and I had much more pressing issues pushing their way to the front of my mind. England is in the unfortunate position where it starts at war with its traditional nemesis, France. "

Selling Europe By The Pound: Europa Universalis IV at RPS

4 years 10 months ago
“Preordering anything in a digital format seems like an odd thing to do, unless you’re absolutely confident of the product’s quality and are getting some form of discount. Otherwise, why not wait, look for the best deal on release day and purchase then? All of that said, Europa Universalis IV is now available for preorder and, having spent almost a hundred hours with the pre-release version, I’m not afraid to say that it’s very good indeed. I’m sure you’ll be sad to hear that my preview copy has now vanished so I’ll have to wait until August 13th to play, like everybody else. The video below is less than a minute long so you’d have to watch it around 90,000 times to pass the time until release.”

5 Strategy Games We Want Now/Europa Universalis IV / RTS Guru

4 years 10 months ago
“Our top five most anticipated strategy games. The latter half of 2013 is offering some solid RTS releases and my god, they look good.” Europa Universalis IV : “Paradox Development Studio's Europa Universalis 4 is a hardcore Grand Strategy game. Engage in exploration, trade, warfare, and diplomacy as you build your nation into an empire. With the ability to play any nation, anywhere, the game is a true sandbox game with customization and an attitude which expects you, as the player, to be willing to learn. EU IV will not be for the faint-hearted and offers gameplay like no other. In addition, EU IV will be introducing a new multiplayer mode which is set to open a new set of doors.”

Europa Universalis IV Hands-On Preview/The Average Gamer

4 years 10 months ago
“Europa Universalis IV could well follow the surprise success of Crusader Kings II, giving Paradox a deep, complex and yet far more accessible strategy game than those that have come before. It’s certainly one to watch out for.”