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Press Previews

Gamespy: Europa Universalis IV Preview

4 years 10 months ago
“But EU4, in the two or three hours I spent with it, seems like exactly what a sequel should be. It's as if for every nagging issue I have in EU3, everything that never quite made sense, never worked in a fun or interesting fashion, or was just plain annoying, there was someone at Paradox who had the same problem and figured out how to fix it. And when you make those kind of comprehensive tweaks and adjustments across the board, what you have is a bunch of smaller tweaks and improvements that add up to a leap forward. I was reminded of when I traded in my beaten-up old 1997 Toyota Camry for a new sedan. I didn't know how creaky the old model had been, or how good driving could be, until I sat down with the new one.” “Thus, the one sad thing about my time with EU4 is that it marked the end of my love affair with EU3. Even as the session concluded and we reluctantly stepped away from our wars and rivalries, I knew I couldn't go back. For me, the only Europa Universalis comes out this fall.”

Gamereactor: Europa Universalis IV Video Preview

4 years 10 months ago
“Lengthy video chat on Europa Universalis IV with Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson, project lead! We sat down with project lead Thomas Johansson during the Paradox Convention on Iceland to learn more about how work on Europa Universalis IV is progressing. We spoke of storytelling in grand strategy games, multiplayer, and more as Paradox Development Studio enters the final leg of the development.”

Escapist Magazine: Europa Universalis - 'Is actually fun' Preview

4 years 10 months ago
“Multiplayer in Europa Universalis is cutthroat, vicious, and deliciously engaging.” “I hope it reaps rewards for the Paradox team, because I'd want nothing more than for streams of Europa Universalis 4 multiplayer sessions to become the next big thing on YouTube when the grand strategy game comes out in September 2013.”

Destructoid: Europa Universalis - 'The Betrayal of Venice' Preview

4 years 10 months ago
“Being a gentleman (the worst trait for an EU player), I said I'd be happy to team up with someone and share responsibility for whatever mess we found ourselves in. So I had joint command of wealthy Venice with Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Adam Smith. Our plan was a simple one: drown in gold. That we actually ended up drowning in blood and rebellions just goes to show that no plan survives the first five minutes in EUIV, especially when other human players are thrown into the mix. “

Z Connection International: Europa Universalis IV @ Gamescom 2012

5 years 4 months ago
“If the Swedish developer can pull off all that they are hoping to – and recent endeavours suggest they can – then Europa Universalis IV may just trump the critical acclaim of Crusader Kings II and its Sword of Islam expansion. We recommend you keep your eyes peeled come the third quarter of 2013.”

Vagary TV: Europa Universalis IV Preview @ Gamescom 2012

5 years 4 months ago
“Europa Universalis has long been a best in class nation sim. I can talk about upgrades and additions all I want (trade, modding support, improvements to the historicity, and many other changes), but the best thing about EUIV is that it means that more people get to experience this wonderful series. Paradox, with Crusader Kings 2 and Magicka, is getting a lot more attention from the gaming community at large than it used to. Europa Universalis IV is an opportunity for the series to get the recognition is deserves, alongside Civilization and others, as one of the best strategy series ever made.”

The Courier: Europa Universalis IV Preview @ Gamescom 2012

5 years 4 months ago
“Finally I had a look at Europa Universalis IV. A classic Paradox PC strategy title, EU4 is sprawling, deep, and utterly baffling for a first-time player. Starting in the early fifteenth century, players will take on the role of one of the tiny dark age kingdoms of Europe, and expand it into a wealthy, powerful empire. Screen Play’s many fans of Crusader Kings will probably love it.”