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Press Previews

Front Towards Gamer: Europa Universalis Preview @ Gamescom 2012

5 years 4 months ago
“Redefining history is a very interesting thing about games set in the past, creating world conflicts out of the silliest of reasons and creating your own canon for history. What if Napoleon just felt the need to take over India? Just because he didn’t think cows were sacred?”

Electronic Theatre: Europa Universalis IV Preview

5 years 4 months ago
“…the truth of the matter is that until a product with in excess of one hundred hours worth of gameplay is presented, anything else will feel insignificant in scale next to the impending release of Europa Universalis IV.” "…it’s clear that the team will use that year of development remaining to refine and polish Europa Universalis IV until it becomes a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis III."

Destructoid: Europa Universalis Preview @ Gamescom 2012

5 years 4 months ago
"The Paradox Development Studio has been keeping me ruling over peasants, fighting holy wars, and forging empires for over a decade. Their latest game, Crusader Kings II, was recently on Metacritic's "best games of 2012 so far" list, and I certainly had plenty of lovely things to say about it when I reviewed it back at the start of the year.  Now they are going back to the series that, for many people, defines the studio -- Europa Universalis. "

Destructoid: Europa Universalis Preview @ Strategy Tour 2012

5 years 4 months ago
“If any grand strategy title is going to make me feel like a Machiavellian genius one minute, and a gibbering idiot who couldn't take care of a bank account -- let alone the economy of an entire nation -- the next, it's one of the Europa Universalis games. Just when I think I've got things under control, a vast army of rebels pops up, or a civil war begins, or three countries declare war on me in quick succession, or the worst possible thing happens: inflation.” “There are an absolutely mind-boggling amount of options, but there's a lot of subtle guidance provided by the clear choices players are compelled to make. From the hour of gameplay I got to experience, it seems even more immersive and expansive than the previous iterations, and the streamlining hasn't negatively impacted the large amount of content.“

All About Games: Europa Universalis Preview @ Gamescom 2012

5 years 4 months ago
"Europa Universalis IV is looking great.""After visiting Paradox yesterday, I'm a little ashamed that I had never come across the Europa Universalis franchise before. As a fan of complex strategy games like Civilisation, the level of detail in this the latest entry in series really jumped out at me."