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Press Reviews

Quest Gamer Network: Europa Universalis IV Review - Score: 9/10

4 years 9 months ago
"All in all, if you are looking for a top-notch strategy game to sink hours into, EU4 is it, and I humbly believe it can take a place next to the “big boys” of the genre such as Civilization 5 and Total War. It is easily the best installment in the series, and this largely due to the fact you have so much freedom to play. And if you find yourself lacking direction, the game does provide some goals you can focus on through missions. At the end of the game (1800s or so) you are scored based upon how your country flourished and thrived, meaning that traditional “World Domination” isn’t the only way to come out on top. However you decide to play, you can be sure that while there are no turns, you will be staying up late with that “one more turn” mentality driving your country towards shaping the future as you see it."

Niche Gamer: Europa Universalis IV Review - Score: 9/10

4 years 9 months ago
"Europa Universalis IV is simply a joy to play. As both a historical simulation and as a strategy game, it does everything I want it to do better than I expected it to. It is the best game in its genre that I have yet to play in almost 30 years of playing video games. The level of complexity and freedom of play style is exceptional. If you want play a strategy game, you simply can’t do any better than this." THE GOOD: Complexity, Freedom of play style, Mod support, Player run servers THE BAD: I got nothing. If you’re looking for a strategy game this is the game you want.

Kotaku: Europa Universalis IV Review - Should you play this game? YES

4 years 9 months ago
"I'll say it again, though: no matter how tough it is getting past the game's confronting first hours, it's worth it. bFew games let you rule like EUIV does, and few let you rule in a world so vast in scale, so open to players writing their own histories and shaping the globe. I guess the best way of describing the game is this: if you like Total War and/or Civilization, and you're willing to trade those game's character and visual flair for something with more meat, this is the game for you."

All PC Game: Europa Universalis IV Review - Score: 8/10

4 years 10 months ago
"For those who are new to series, this is the perfect entry to get your feet wet, with tool tips and explanations abound. Although complicated enough to be called a "grand strategy" game, EU4 is the perfect blend of complexity and design, but without the complication inherent in some other titles."