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Press Reviews

I.G.N: Europa Universalis IV Review - Score: 8.9/10

4 years 10 months ago
"Europa Universalis IV is easy to recommend to anyone interested in historical strategy – it’s the best game in the series, which can now take its place, with no caveats, among the giants of the genre. Very few strategy games manage to show the grand sweep of history as something that can be directly influenced and made fun, and only EU4 manages to do it with both a level of complexity that creates historical plausibility and a learning curve gentle enough to be welcoming and satisfying."

PC Gamer: Europa Universalis IV Review - Score: 91/100

4 years 10 months ago
"Never before have I felt that “World at your fingertips” feeling as strongly, and you owe it to your sense of discovery to give EU IV an hour of your life or two (hundred). Order in tonight. You have a world to dominate." "Europa Universalis IV is a masterwork of a strategy game."

Tech Hive: Europa Universalis IV Review - Score: 4/5

4 years 10 months ago
"Europa Universalis IV is a much-needed update to a classic PC game franchise. An extremely useful hint system, an efficient production menu, and hugely improved graphics make this (in my eyes) the best Europa Universalis title to date. It's sleek where it needs to be, while still retaining the core complexity that makes these titles so popular."

Europa Universalis IV review at - Score: 9/10

4 years 10 months ago
Europa Universalis IV riesce a non stravolgere una formula che nessun appassionato vuole veder rasa al suolo e ricostruita da zero, cambiando al contempo quel tanto che basta da giustificare il prezzo e invogliare l'acquisto. I 39.90 euro necessari sono soldi ben spesi considerando che ogni meccanica è stata ritoccata o riscritta, che visivamente si presenta in maniera solida e non mancano opzioni che ingolosiranno vecchi fan e nuovi adepti. A qualcuno mancherà la profondità raggiunta dai capitoli precedenti dopo diverse espansioni, ma Paradox Interactive supporta a lungo le sue creature e non bisogna temere: anche questo capitolo crescerà nel tempo. Chi si dovesse sentire spaventato dall'idea di imbarcarsi in questa avventura sappia una cosa: ci vuole un po' di tempo per rodare ed essere consapevoli di tutte le possibilità offerte, ma una volta entrato sotto la pelle non vi lascerà più.

Europa Universalis IV Review at Inc Gamers

4 years 10 months ago
"Like Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV retains the depth and complexity of its forebears while offering newcomers a way into the absorbing strategic shenanigans of 15th-18th Century power politics."

Wot I Think: Europa Universalis IV - The Wealth of Nations

4 years 10 months ago
Europa Universalis IV is a fascinating simulation, an alternate history generator, a narrative tool and an entirely successful redesign of a strong formula. It’s also a remarkably entertaining game, in some ways closer to its cardboard roots than it has been for more than a decade, although crunching an abundance of numbers as only a computer can. Volumes will be written about viable tactics for each nation and some of the discoveries will be unexpected, surprising even the developers. They have created a world in flux, though finely poised, and it is here, rather than in city-wide urban murder simulators, that gaming’s lofty drive toward emergence, living worlds and total player agency is best realised.