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RTS Guru: Europa Universalis Preview @ Strategy Tour 2012

“When it comes to strategy series, you’d be hard pressed to find one that is more intricate than Europa Universalis. Its players take one look at Civilization and scoff as if to say, “You know nothing of true challenge.” It is the hardcore game for hardcore strategists, and many of them thought there was nothing more to be improved upon after EU3 and its Rome counterpart were released. But those people were wrong, and Paradox is going to show them why with Europa Universalis IV.” “...we barely touched the surface of all the new features and mechanics during our recent demo, so you can be sure that there’s going to be plenty more to get excited and find out about before then.” “While some fans may have found it inconceivable, it looks like Paradox has found a way to make a cleaner, more approachable Europa Universalis while at the same time not sacrificing the intricate strategy and gameplay that has made this the quintessential strategy series.”